Sunday, August 2, 2015

Counting the days...

This season, we planted three batches of seeds indoors.
Batch #1 - Feb. 7th
Batch #2 - Feb. 14th
Batch #3 - Feb. 24th
By the time we planted the third batch, all of the second and first batches had started sprouting.

March 14th - planted any remaining seeds.

Late April, began prepping and tilling the garden.

May 3rd, planted!!! Only the largest, and healthiest.  Many of the later batches were not large enough to be moved outside.

Sun., August 2nd, after 176 days, we have the first fully ripened pepper!  Most likely this pepper is from the 2nd batch, making it more like 169 days, but behold!

1 chocolate habanero!

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