Monday, September 14, 2015


I have created my first cross-breed!!!

On the left, you see a chocolate fatali pepper. On the right, a Trinidad scorpion.

All season, the fatalis have been growing hotter than in previous seasons, much hotter actually.  Now, it seems I may know why. Chocolate fatali has a new baby daddy…

If you observe the middle peppers, they have all come from the fatali plant, all have the observable chocolate color, and yet also have the distinguishing scorpion tail.

Ladies and gentleman, a Fat Chocolate Scorpion?

Genetically, this would be an F1 plant, so I am going to save as many seeds as possible from the most scorpion-looking peppers, and we'll have to see what happens next season.  Regardless, I am both excited and impressed by my own pepper skill and luck.  Go nature!