Thursday, July 30, 2015

Early fruits!!!

Jamaican hot yellow.  This pepper, heat similar to a hab, has the appearance of a top.  This is not a misshapen pepper, all of the fruit on this plant grows like this.  It is amusingly different than any pepper I've ever grown.

The first of hopefully many Carolina Reapers.  The worlds hottest, this should make for some gooooood sauce.  It has a bit of a tail like the scorpions, which is interesting.

Aka the Ghost Pepper.  I thought these grew orb shaped like a Douglah or brain strain.  I love that they're shaped more like a fatali or fat chili pepper.

Limo.  Another interestingly shaped pepper, not to be confused with aji limon. 

My Fatalis!
Devils tongue red, starting to change color...

Chocolate Habaneros, looking healthy.


Pepper plants are doing great, but weeds are running rampant.  I've given a lot of love to the peppers, but my okra and tomatoes are suffering.


He protects my peppers... He is the Pepper Guardian Frog

Planting day!

Of the seeds we started indoors, only about half made it through the winter.  Here, they are organized in appropriate rows prior to planting.  This season we will have:
1) Carolina Reapers
2) Trinidad Scorpion Reds
3) Jamaican Hot Yellows
4) Limos
5) Chocolate Habaneros
6) Peach Bhut Jolokias
7) White Bhut Jolokias
8) UBSC 
9) 7 pot chiguana
10) (hopefully) 1surviving 7 pot Brain Strain
11) Fatalis (LOVE!!!)
12) Devils tongue red
13) Naga Vipers
14) White Habaneros 


Cherry blossoms blooming mid-April, planting season soon!


This picture was taken when the eldest plants were about two months old.  Seeds were planted in February.  There were over heating issues early on due to the enclosure.  We began leaving the front door flap open during the day time.  We never watered with tap water, always rain or snow water.


It is late in the season to be starting the blog, but I will try and be diligent in my back-tracking.

I will soon be posting early pictures of my peppers as seeds and in their growing process, pictures of my current garden, and as of a few days ago, my current peppers.

It is the end of July, and I am having a great yield already, everything from Chocolate Habaneros to Peach Bhut Jolokias.  Nothing has turned color yet, but should start turning soon.  More to come.