Thursday, April 28, 2016


Our goal for the season was to make at least one post per month... so we're sneaking this one in juuuuust under the wire!  HaHA!

Since these days are busy with life and peppers, let me make this short and HOT.  


PLANTS AVAILABLE!  If you didn't get seeds started a couple months ago and you're still craving Super Hot Goodness in your garden, BobbyGitr can help.  

The babies have come along way since February--and they are looking georgeous! Peach Bhut Jolokia, Devil's Tongue Red, Jamaican Hot Yellow, and Limo (not Aji Limon) just to name a few.  

Ready to find loving homes!

They grow so fast!  *sniffle*

Because this is our first year providing live plants, QUANTITIES WILL BE LIMITED--and they will go fast!  We're hardening them off right now; info on varieties/quantities will be up on our Facebook and BobbyGitr Storefront in the next week--hit that 'like' button and reserve your very own BobbyGitr Pepper today!

GARDEN: The weeds are plucked.  The compost is dumped.  The ground is tilled.  WE ARE READY TO PLANT!... but we must hardness the power of peppers and be patient.  

The last possibility of frost for our region (zone 5) looks to be about 2 weeks off--May 13th. While it can't come soon enough, IMO, Mr. Pepper is chomping at the bit to get our babies in the ground.  *sigh* I might give in and let him plant them on Mother's Day.  


Speaking of, toss out the roses and make this Mother's Day... Mmmm... SPICY! with the gift that keeps on giving--PEPPER PLANTS!  Hershey is SOOO passe... forget the kissed and give Mom a Chocolate... Habanero?

C'mon.  She'll love it.  

We promise.

NEW : GoFundMe Campaign
Yes, we started a GoFundMe page.  
Click on the link to find out.   

HOT SAUCE: The HaPeppaMama will be attending a Food Safety Manager course (FSSMC) in May!  This gets us one step closer to putting BobbyGitr sauces on the streets of Central Illinois (literally--farmer's Market, I'm looking at you).  Pics from the training will be posted here and on our Facebook page, so keep your eyes peeled.

I don't normally talk about this since we are billed as a pepper blog, but BobbyGitr's full name is "BobbyGitr Peppers and DISCS".  As in disc golf.  BobbyGitr has a flair and talent for the sport (which you can learn about here) as well as the business of all things Super Hot, so we've twisted the two into a unique business: a new/used disc golf and hot pepper provider!  

While we get our ducks in a row with new disc distributors, you can browse the inventory of used discs in our Store.  Used discs are perfect for the beginner that just needs something to play with, and great for experienced players looking for a new (or old) favorite.  

BobbyGitr will start a disc golf blog soon to cover that portion of the passion; we'll put out the link when it's up and running!

April showers supposedly bring May flowers... we'll see how it fares for Super Hots and Disc Golf.