Sunday, August 7, 2016

Hots Breeds

Remember last year when I thought I had bred two types of peppers to create a crossbreed between chocolate fatalii and Trinidad scorpion?

While it was entirely accidental, I saved as many seeds as I could from the "crossbreed" plant and saved them for this year. I am growing quite a few of them in hopes that I can repeat, and that this plant bears the same types of fruit as last year.

Well guess what? So far, so good. Please take a gander at these pictures. In my opinion, these are looking even more dangerous, scary, frightening, and any other synonyms you can think of, as well as twice is crossbreedy as last year.

While it will take several years to keep grooming this plant, I am really starting to think I am on to something. I can't wait for a couple more weeks to pass for me to start making some hot sauce out of these babies. I can pretty much guarantee it gonna be hot.  

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